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Clean Chamber Comedian Reviews

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Milbank Area Chamber of Commerce

"David Ferrell came to perform for a group of over 100 farmers for an appreciation supper. He had them all laughing the whole hour and we have heard nothing but good feedback from the farmers about David. He arrived 45 min early to the event and was very easy going and fun to work with. We would definitely have him back." - Event & Tourism Director, Farmer’s Appreciation Supper (Milbank, SD) 3/15/2018

Rainsville Chamber of Commerce

"David Ferrell did an awesome job of entertaining at our 50th Annual Banquet. We are a small rural town, and everyone is still talking about the Banquet and that it was the best one ever. They loved David's performance. He was clean, funny and quick witted. I was very impressed with the way he engaged the audience. We are very appreciative of David for making our banquet a success, and we would highly recommend him." - Assistant Executive Director, Annual Banquet (Rainsville, AL) 1/19/2017

Petal Area Chamber of Commerce

"After years of dry, boring and repetitive annual chamber banquets, we decided to do something different. Let's have FUN and LAUGH. David Ferrell allowed us to do just that. My stressed crowd of business professionals sat back, relaxed and LAUGHED. Following the evening, I received numerous comments and personal visits from members that praised David, his performance and his clean material. Working with David was a pleasure. He is completely professional and non-demanding." - Executive Director, Annual Banquet (Petal, MS) 2/2/2015

Oakland Regional Chamber of Commerce

Chamber Comedian in Galloway, TN

"This was our first time having a comedian perform and David Ferrell was well received by the crowd. His willingness to change his program time when asked was very accommodating to the event. Would ask to come back again." - Banquet Planner, Annual Banquet (Galloway, TN) 4/5/2013

Kinder Chamber of Commerce

"David Ferrell did an excellent job. We would consider using him again." - Vice President, Annual Installation Banquet (Kinder, LA) 3/4/2013

McCook Area Chamber of Commerce

"It was excellent to have a clean comedian that was still entertaining! We would definitely love to see David Ferrell return to McCook!" - Executive Director, Annual Banquet (McCook, NE) 1/19/2013

Gordon County Chamber of Commerce

"David Ferrell did a great job! He was entertaining, funny and very timely. I look forward to using him for a future event!" - Vice President, Breakfast Meeting (Calhoun, GA) 7/27/2012

Hagerstown Washington County Chamber

"David Ferrell was great! I can't tell you how perfectly a few members of our audience fell into his routine! Downsville will never be the same again! I would recommend David for any event!" - Director of Operations, Business Awards (Hagerstown, MD) 2/29/2012

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